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Egg Timer Pro App

This app itself does not collect any user data. There is no backend server that gets any kind of data from this app. The developers are not interested in user data and the business model is not based on user data. However, this app does use third party services.

Third party services

Flurry Analytics by Yahoo!

This app uses an analytics service mainly to get crash logs so that the developers can fix bugs. Anonymous statistics for example about a certain crash that happens often on a certain device kind after a certain action is provided to the developers which helps finding the bug and fixing the crash. Also other anonymous informations about the users like a third of all users are located in Spanish speaking countries are provided to the developers which might help to get an idea about into what languages this app should get localized in the future. 

So the analytics service is used to improve the app and fix bugs by getting anonymous data. No personal user data is collected. 

However, in the app settings there is an option to opt in or opt out and delete analytics data.

You can find more information about the analytics service at the below link.

Flurry Analytics Terms of Service

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