Simple basic usage

After parking the car, press the blue parking marker button to set the parking marker to the current location, the location you just parked your car. Later when you are at a different location and want to know the way back to your car, just open the app and the route from your current location to the parked car will automatically be shown. So basically you just need that one button.

Drag & Drop

If you want to correct the parking position or if you forgot to set the marker, you can simply drag and drop the marker to any position. The updated street name and number will be shown in the annotation.


- Set the parking marker to the current location.

- Show the route between the current location and the parking marker.

- Scroll the map to center your current position.

- Delete the pink route inside the map.

- Settings menu. Toggle between miles and km here.

- Info screen. Get detailed infos here.

- Parking meter. Set the amount of time and get a notification.

Info screen

- Share the address of the parking marker, additional notes and a photo.

- Detailed address of the parking marker.

- Turn by turn directions with street names.

- Take a photo. Touch the image to enlarge it and zoom in.

- Take a note.

Parking meter

Select an amount of time and start the parking meter by switching the slider to green. When the countdown has finished, you will receive a notification. The timer and the notification will also work if you close the app and even if the app is removed from the background.

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