Quit Smoking

Keep track of the most important numbers: number of days as a non-smoker, number of cigarettes not smoked, money saved.

Review your health progress and your physical reactions to not smoking.

The 100-day program offers you a chapter of carefully researched and extensive knowledge about every aspect of smoking every day.

During the particularly difficult initial period of quitting, you will be given small tasks every day.

If you want to have a cigarette, you will be shown practical solutions for the respective situations.

You regularly receive awards for milestones achieved on your way to becoming a non-smoker.

Set savings goals and watch getting closer and closer to them because of the money you save.

If you have a strong cigarette craving, 100 reasons to not smoke a cigarette will help you.

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This app has already helped over a million users quit smoking. How can it help you?

In the beginning there is your decision. Let's not fool ourselves. If you are not serious, it will be difficult. But if you really want it, your chances are good that you will make it with the help of this app.

There are many different strategies, methods, and tools that can help you quit smoking. Whether one thing or the other works better for you can vary from person to person, but the experiences of millions of former smokers show that it is almost always a mixture of information, motivation and participation that ultimately led to success.

Therefore, this app relies on a selection of tried and tested methods and tools, which are based on the three strategic pillars of information, motivation and participation.

1. Information

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, but hardly anyone understands what exactly smoking does to the body and the psyche. Those who do not understand the mechanisms behind smoking and do not know how an addiction is structured do not know what to expect and are poorly prepared for withdrawal.

In-depth knowledge about smoking not only helps you get through the various phases of quitting better. Above all, you will be more convinced than ever of your decision, which makes it much easier for you to quit and ensures that you also remain a non-smoker.

This app offers you a large amount of carefully researched and extensive knowledge about every aspect of smoking.

2. Motivation

Motivation is the engine for many successes that you will achieve in the course of your life. Therefore, it is important that you stay motivated while you quit smoking. Your motivation will help you get through the various stages of quitting and keep you from starting again.

Fear of the effects of smoking can be a motivator, but progress and achieving goals can also motivate.

This app gives you knowledge that you use to get motivation, and by showing progress and achieved goals you stay motivated.

3. Participation

Your active participation increases the chances of success when quitting.

This app gives you small tasks that aim to reflect on the knowledge you have learned, to convince you of your decision, and to keep motivation high. There are also tools to set goals and share your achievements.


Quit Smoking.

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